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03.05.2022 - Article

Art Competition

Paint the world with colours! Paint Germany!

On the occasion of German Unity Day on 3rd October 2022, the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany is organizing an art competition. The winning works will be awarded prizes and exhibited by the Consulate General.

Show us your perception and image of Germany in your own creative way. There is a little Picasso inside of everyone, so do not hesitate to take a piece of paper and a pen in your favourite colours and set your creativity free.

More Information here.

Form of consent

Germany goes Cheung Chau

In this doughlightful collaboration between the German Consulate General and Cheung Chau Sourdough, you will learn how to make your own rye bread but local yeast from Cheung Chau  from the founder of Cheung Chau Sourdough!
Hop on a journey with us to Cheung Chau and discover the fundamentals of the art of sourdough bread making.
You will create your own starter and then use an already prepared one to produce a rye sourdough bread which you can take home!
Stay excited to taste, touch, sight, smell and discuss in order to explore the fascinating microbiological processes that turn simple ingredients into delicious and nutritious breads.

There is no entrance fee. Instead, you have to solve the quiz below and we will pick 10 winners out of the candidates. Be quick!

Workshop Details:

  • Date: 10th September 2022
  • Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Location: La Ruche, Cheung Chau
  • How to register and until when?: Solve the quiz and cross your fingers! Deadline is 26th August 2022.
  • What to bring and prepare?: Good mood and be prepared to be covered in flour, so better not to wear your best clothes.
  • Who can participate?: This sourdough workshop is suitable for all levels, so do not hesitate to participate!

Please note, that by submitting the quiz you declare your consent according to Art. 6 I a General Data Protection Regulation that the personal information provided by you may be collected, processed and used by the German Consulate General Hong Kong internally to contact you in case you were selected as a winner. You can request the deletion of your data and information thereon at any time by sending an email to gkhongkongfb@gmail.com. Your data will be deleted after 12 months if you do not contact us in the meantime.

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