IMPORTANT INFORMATION for travellers on avian influenza/ fowl plague

27.02.2018 - Article

Please note the following when you travel abroad:
There are numerous risks resulting in the spread of avian influenza, e.g. through:
- live poultry
- live wild birds
- meat and products made from it (sausage products)
- eggs
- raw petfood / feedingstuffs
- unprocessed game trophies (feathers) derived from birds of any species.
It is prohibited to import live poultry and other live birds from many third countries! Poultry meat and products made from it may not be imported into the EU in tourist traffic! The importation of poultry or poultry products is merely allowed via approved border inspection posts subject to compliance with veterinary import requirements for trade. This ensures that imports only come from approved third countries using the prescribed veterinary certificates. In addition, the products must come from approved holdings of origin. When you import poultry or poultry products please ask the responsible authorities in case of doubt to help you avoid unpleasant surprises!

Further information:

Leaflet prepared by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

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