Validity of Hong Kong and Macau driving licences in Germany

13.11.2018 - Article

As long as you have not established permanent residence in Germany, you can use your Hong Kong driving licence for the vehicle classes mentioned in the document.

Hong Kong driving license

The Hong Kong driving license plus a photo ID (passport, ID card, etc.) are enough for non-residential temporary driving in Germany (up to 6 months). A translation of the documents is NOT necessary since German law makes an exception in cases connected with Hong Kong, Andorra, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Senegal and Switzerland.

Please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the full regulation text.

Macau driving license

A Macau driving license can be used to drive a car in Germany. If the driver does not have an international driving license, a translation of the Macau license into German is required. This kind of translation can be done by German or international car associations or at an official translation office. The Consulate General does NOT offer this translation service.

If the driver has a Macau driving license plus an international driving license, there is no need for a translation.

It is advised to also carry a photo ID (passport or ID card).

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