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28.03.2021 - Article

Important updates regarding COVID-19 in Germany and Hong Kong

Situation in Germany and Travel Restrictions

For Germany, travel restrictions apply for entry from a large number of countries. These are issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. Please check with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) prior to your trip to find out what regulations apply specifically with regard to the country from which you plan to enter Germany.In principle, entry is possible from:

  • EU member states
  • states associated with Schengen: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein·       
  • Other countries, from which entry is possible due to the epidemiological situation assessment by the EU.

The list is updated regularly. Depending on the development of the pandemic situation, changes may therefore occur.

Hong Kong is not currently on the positive list. As a result, the travel restrictions remain in force for Hong Kong until further notice.

Despite the continuing entry restrictions, existing exceptions for entering Germany will be significantly expanded.

Please find the most up to date regulations regarding travel exemptions on the Website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI)

Information on entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany: Link

FAQs of the Federal Ministry of Health on entries from high-risk, high-incidence and virus-variant Areas: Link

Please find detailed information from the Federal States concerning the new quarantine regulations with effect from 8 Novermber 2020. Link

Situation in Hong Kong

Since 25 March 2020, entry into Hong Kong has not been possible for persons without a residence permit (i.e. those who do not reside in Hong Kong). Transit at Hong Kong International Airport is very limited. Every person entering Hong Kong must undergo quarantine upon arrival in Hong Kong. Since 25 December 2020, the quarantine has been extended from 14 to 21 days (Link) and can only be spent in a hotel designated for this purpose by the Hong Kong government (Link to hotel list). For travellers arriving Hong Kong on or after 20 February 2021, please check this hotel list (Link) . On arrival in Hong Kong, an appropriate hotel reservation for 21 days must be presented.

Arriving passengers must also undergo a saliva test at the airport at the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC) of the Department of Health. They need to stay at the TSCC to wait for test results. If travellers arriving in the late afternoon or evening, they will be accommodated in a hotel arranged by the government until the test results are available. The travellers may also wait for test results at the TSCC.

As of 28 November, 2020, Germany will be listed as high-risk country. This means that everyone who has stayed in Germany or any of the other high-risk countires (also transit) in the last 21 days before arrival in Hong Kong must show a negative COVID-19 test result in addition to a hotel reservation on arrival. The test must have been taken within 72 hours before departure (for connecting flights this information refers to the last flight).

Accordingly, the following documents are to be presented from 28 November 2020 onwards when entering Hong Kong from Germany:

1. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result

2. A confirmation in English or Chinese of the negative test result issued and signed by the laboratory that performed the test. The spelling of the name of the tested person must be the same as the spelling in the travel document/passport. You can already fill in your personal information and have the laboratory sign and stamp it. For confirmation, this form can be printed and used: Link

3. A printout of the confirmation of the German Consulate General Hong Kong that all test laboratories on the list of the “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle” are certified according to ISO 15189 or recognized by the German authorities Link

4. Internet printout from the homepage of the “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle” with the name and address of the test laboratory that performed the test. You can proceed as follows:

- Go to the homepage of the “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle” :

- Enter “ISO 15189” in the search box for “Volltextsuche” and click “Suchen” (Search) (For illustration, please click here)

- A list of all listed ISO 15189 certified laboratories are displayed. Please select the laboratory where you want to be tested. Remember the zip code and go back to the list by clicking on “SUCHEN EINBLENDEN” (Show Search). (For illustration, please click here )

- Please enter the corresponding postcode in the field “Adresse (Name, Telefon, E-mail)” and click on “Suchen”(Search) again. (For illustration, please click here)

- You will find all laboratories under the entered postcode. Make a printout or screenshot of your selected laboratory (name and address), which also needed to be presented upon arrival. (For illustration, please click here )

- You may contact the test laboratory directly or a general practitioner to perform the test; if this is not possible and/or a physician performed your test, the physician should confirm on the sheet with the negative test result by which laboratory the test was performed.

5. A hotel reservation in English or Chinese for 21 days from the day of arrival in Hong Kong. Hotel expenses are the responsibility of the traveller. Apart from that, reservations can only be made at hotels designated by the Hong Kong government (Link to hotel list).

6. All persons entering Hong Kong are also required to complete the Health & Quarantine Information Declaration form provided by the Department of Health online. The form can be filled out and submitted online by smartphone or mobile device before boarding. After the submission, you will receive a QR code, which should be saved and presented upon entry. The QR code is valid for 48 hours. Link

COVID tests at the airports in Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and other Locations

1. CENTOGENE offers COVID tests at the following locations:

Frankfurt Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, BER Brandenburg  (Schönefeld) Airport, Rostock and Wiesbaden.

CENTOGENE's tests are performed in laboratories of the company “Dr. Bauer Laboratoriums GmbH”, which are recognized by German authorities. The COVID results can be displayed not only in German, but also in English and Chinese. Thus a translation would be dispensable.
Please make sure that the spelling of the name of the tested person on the COVID-test is identical with the spelling in the travel document.

As proof that the tests of CENTOGENE are carried out by a recognized laboratory, you can print out the following confirmation from the German Consulate General Hong Kong and present it upon entry into Hong Kong. Link

2. Munich Airport also offers COVID testing, which is performed by the ISO 15189 certified laboratory “MVZ Martinsried GmbH”. On request, the test result can also be issued in English.

As proof that the laboratory “MVZ Martinsried GmbH” is ISO 15189 certified, you can print out the following confirmation from the Consulate General Hong Kong and present it upon entry into Hong Kong. Link

COVID- test upon entry in Germany

As of 30 March, 2021, 00:00 h passengers traveling to Germany by airplane must present a current negative corona test before departure. You can find more information here

Coronavirus information from Hong Kong Government

Updates from Hong Kong International Airport

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