FAQ on Extension of Visa

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30.07.2020 - Article

FAQ on extending the stay of persons living in Germany with a Hong Kong passport

Who is responsible for extending my residence (visa / residence permit)?

In principle, residence permits can be extended at the competent immigration authorities. Please contact the authority responsible for your place of residence.

You can find the responsible authority on this Website.

What needs to be considered?

An extension must be made within the validity of the visa. The application should be made early after entry and before the visa expires.

Working with the visa?

The visa states whether and to what extent you are allowed to work.

You can start working to the permitted extent immediately after entry, even if you do not have a residence permit or Blue Card EU yet.

Can a visa-free stay in Germany be extended beyond 90 days?

Holders of the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” passport can obtain a residence permit for a further stay of no more than 90 days after entering Germany, which follows a short-term stay. In doing so, these persons must, in principle, prove the existence of force majeure or humanitarian reasons to the competent Foreigners’ Registration Office.

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